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  • The calculated price may not include capsules of BGA, fine pitch or components <= 0201 mm, we will contact you for complete pricing in this case.
  • For orders over 30 units we may take personal contact to improve pricing, the calculated price is then preliminary.
  • An order receipt is sent after the review of your material.

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Surface Finish


  • Minimum conductor width and insulation: 0.15mm. Minimum hole size: 0.3mm.
  • Standard version is green solder mask and white silk screen on the front and back.
  • All PCBs undergo a complete electrical probing test before delivery.
  • For special requirements on a printed circuit board, we would like personal contact.

Component Sourcing

We are happy to assist you with component purchases at 15% surcharge if your BOM is completed!
If you wish us to complete the BOM, we will offer you this help on a continuous hourly basis.
Please contact Jörgen:
Tel: +46 0300 - 70000

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Lead time PCB manufacturing, 2-4 business days.

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