Software development

Embedded systems

Microcontrollers often play a central role on many circuit boards and can have a large repertoire of built-in features and peripheral modules. We will help you find the right microcontroller to make your product competitive. We develop software for different models from, among other things, ARM, Atmel AVR and Microchip PIC.


We can program different types of logical grids such as FPGA, CPLD and GAL. We work with products from, among others, Altera and Lattice, and describe the logic networks in the hardware languages VHDL or Verilog. When we implement a programmable circuit, we ensure that the circuit board's function can be updated and changed even after the PCB has been produced.

As part of a larger system

Does your circuit need to communicate with other devices? We can program applications for your computer or to your phone to monitor and control your circuit. Communication can be done over wifi, bluetooth or wired ethernet.

The documentation is delivered in the form of commented source code, compilation routines, HEX files or as a program to the extent the customer wishes. When ordering construction, we offer good prices for your prototype series.

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