Quality and environment

Download our Quality Manual as pdf (in Swedish)

Our quality policy is based on a long tradition of focusing the customer:

  • We make it easy for the customer to order the design and manufacture of electronic products by us through our long experience of interpreting and understanding our customers needs.
  • The customer is the focus of our entire business, where everyone within the company has its share of responsibility so that the customer can easily get the right product, in the right execution and at the right time.
  • Continuous work with improvements in our own processes and responsiveness to customer feedback is the basis for our long and deep customer relations.

Environmental policy

Our environmental policy is part of our management system:

  • With great awareness we shall prevent and minimize pollution and environmental wastes.
  • Our manufacturing processes have very little environmental impact.
  • Environmental work should be an integral part of the manufacturing, design and disposal processes.
  • In addition to compliance with environmental laws, common sense is our motto. We work to constantly improve our environmental impact and act as an example of environmental work.


  • Svensk Elektronikproduktion AB was the first in Kungsbacka to use DHL's service GOGREEN Carbon Neutral.
  • We take care of the environment when we ship goods. We use a comprehensive carbon-neutral transport service to compensate our transport activities to protect the environment. The service includes the calculation of carbon dioxide emissions for each transport, compensation of the emissions with DHL Carbon Management function as well as an annual certificate of the reduced amount of carbon dioxide by an authorized third party; Société General Surveillance (SGS).


  • We reuse the packing material we receive with incoming goods, such as cartons well as anti-static plastic.
  • We sort corrugated board and combustible as SITA then processes and recycles. The trend is that less waste goes to landfill for each year. The amount of waste that is sorted and recycled increases. Of all material coming into SITA's facilities, 92 percent will be recovered. Electronics scrap is sent separately for recycling.