Company Profile

Svensk Elektronikproduktionis a comprehensive supplier of printed circuit boards, cabling and other electronic products and offers qualified and cost effective overall solutions. We support the customer all the way from problem solving, construction, production optimization to material purchasing and manufacturing of finished products in both smaller and larger series. Other services in our complete offer include aftermarket, logistics and service. We take overall responsibility for all parts of the value chain and are a complete and long-term partner for all the needs of electronics manufacturing. With high competence and greatest personal commitment, we work to ensure that every customer's project is successful and that manufacturing becomes cost effective with the right quality.

Svensk Elektronikproduktion is owner-occupied and located in Kungsbacka. The company was established in 1990 and was able to celebrate 30 successful years in the electronics industry on 26 March 2020. The operations are conducted in own property since 1998.

We make both surface mounting and hole mounting, test and finish assembly to finished appliances, of small medium sized series in Kungsbacka. Our manufacturing is optimized for small and medium-sized series and flexibility is a keyword. We have dual soldering processes, lead-free and leaded welding. Production of large series takes place in a cost-effective manner in cooperation with external partners.

Svensk Elektronikproduktion also develops, manufactures and markets own products under audio and control technology under the brand DoubleSense® as you will find here.

Key values in Svensk Elektronikproduktion are customer understanding, customer satisfaction, overall solutions, the right quality, flexibility, short lead times, long-term customer relationships, and fun at work! We design and manufacture electronics on time with the greatest commitment and the view that every customer is important. We make it easy for the customer! Quick and right!