Service - more than just production

Our offer covers more than the design and manufacture of circuit boards, cables and electronics.

We provide logistical services where we take responsibility for distributing the electronics to end customer or other production units in the right time and in the right quantity with order-packed packagings and packaged properly. We can also take care of export documents.

With regard to existing circuit boards, cables and other electronics, we can take care of all after-sales markets. We take responsibility for warranty management and will gladly repair or modify circuit boards and electronics. Our offer also includes manufacturing, distribution and return management of spare parts where we are fast and flexible.

We have high mechatronic skills, and therefore ultimately assembles the electronics in the finished product.

We would like to purchase all components for the finished product so that we can easily and efficiently handle and assemble all components in the final product. We can complete the end product in different variants and can store components and variants on behalf of the customer, where cancellations are made according to customer requirements.

Our wide range of distribution, aftermarket, repairs and modifications with fast and flexible service makes us a very attractive business partner.

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