Schematic design and PCB-layout

Our long experience of quickly interpreting and understanding our customers needs combined with our great design capabilities makes it easy for our customers to order the design and manufacture of circuit boards and other electronics by us. The customer is the focus of our entire business, where everyone within the company has its share of responsibility so that the customer can easily get the right product, in the right execution and at the right time.

Hardware design

We design schematics, PCB-layout and other electronics in close cooperation with our customers and make CAD layout of these. It is enough that the customer has an idea of what the electronics should be for function, so we can develop and design the PCB, PCB, and electronics together with the customer. We also construct mechanics. The documentation is delivered in the form of CAD data for PCB production, part lists, assembly instructions and test specifications to the extent that the customer wishes.

In the design work, we ensure that the design and component selection is optimized for production so that manufacturing costs are minimized. DFM - Design for Manufacturability - is an important part of our design process. It's just in the design and design phase that can affect the circuit boards and electronics to make them as cost-effective as possible to produce and here we have long experience. Our designers work very close to production and purchasing and can directly verify the design so that production is effective, for smaller as well as larger series, while the components are the right ones.

We also ensure that the components are as future-proofed as possible to avoid unnecessary redesign in the future because components are not available on the market anymore

EMC measurements and design verifications

Tests and measurements to verify that the design requirements specification is met, we do in our own or external laboratory. We make EMC measurements against applicable harmonizing standards to verify compliance with EMC Directive 2004/108 / EC.


Our purchase department have very high skills with more than 25 years of experience in the industry and therefore can find the best-suited components at the lowest prices, making the circuit boards and electronics very cost effective. We work with suppliers that can be optimized for each design. Thanks to our very good supplier contacts, we can provide short-term components for projects with short lead times. Wherever desired, we can monitor components regarding LTB - Last Time Buy. Our designers always work in close cooperation with our buyers so that the circuit boards and the electronics are as cost effective as possible while the quality is the right one.

Production Optimization

In an existing design of a PCB, we can review the design and component selection to reduce the cost of purchasing and manufacturing.

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