Manufacture and assembly of PCB and electronics

We have a high level of expertise in manufacturing and assembly printed circuit boards, cables and other electronics in small and medium-sized series with high quality and have a well-adapted production facility in Kungsbacka, Sweden for this type of production. We produce quickly, with short lead times according to quality assured routines in a cost-effective way thanks to our experienced and knowledgeable employees. We can also manufacture single circuit boards and other electronics, as well as in very small numbers.

We have both surface mounting with reflow owen and though hole mounting with wave soldering,lead or lead-free. The environment is ESD protected. We can also paint or cast the electronics, as desired.

We conduct careful testing on hardware. In cooperation with our customer we can develop test programs and fixtures. The results of the tests are, of course, documented.

All processes are controlled in accordance with SS-EN 9001: 2008. Our processes meet the requirements for manufacturing and delivering devices that are designed in accordance with the RoHS directive. Continuous improvements are a keyword in our quality work.


We manufacture single prototypes or prototypes in very small series, such as 1 - 20 pieces. Sometimes, a project is required in a short period of time, and here we are a very good partner that can effectively take responsibility for design as well as component purchasing and manufacturing in a serial manner with the right quality. We can take responsibility for other parts of the project such as packaging, logistics and mechanical engineering. We always work very close to our customer with great commitment so that projects can be carried out on time and with intended results. Feedback and close communication are important parts throughout the implementation. Of course, we also provide all the documentation needed.

Cable assemblies

We manufacture cable assemblies both serially or in smaller volumes as spare parts according to customer specification. We have a variety of tools that are specially adapted to pin different types of contacts properly.

Final assembly as a complete product

We can mount the circuit boards, cables, other electronics and mechanical details in the customer's application so that the product is completed upon delivery. We can also take responsibility for the logistics and distribution of the finished product to the end customer or other production facilities.

Sourcing components

Our sourcing department have very high purchasing expertise with more than 25 years of experience in the industry and therefore can find the best-suited components at the lowest prices, making the electronics very cost effective. Thanks to our very good supplier contacts, we can provide short-term components for projects with short lead times. We use our extensive experience and high level of expertise when purchasing materials and components to ensure that the cost is minimized with the right quality.

Working with us is easy and efficient with fast results at the lowest possible cost.

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