Manufacture of mechanics and mechatronics

We want to make it easy for you to put your production with us. We can offer you a complete solution for the manufacture of your mechatronic product.

Mechanical workshop

Through close cooperation with a mechanical workshop, we have extensive experience in milling, welding and varnishing. Our cooperation offers a cost-effective stamping and bending of sheet metal as well as molding of plastic parts.

We assemble mechanical, pneumatic and electronic components into a finished product in our factory. We have mechanics and equipment for easier modification of mechanics in our operations. We also take responsibility for the logistics and distribution of the finished product to the customer's customers or production facilities.


We manufacture single prototypes or prototypes in very small series, such as 1 - 20 pieces. Sometimes, a project is required in a short period of time, and here we are a very good partner that can effectively take responsibility for design as well as component purchasing and manufacturing in a serial manner with the right quality. We always work very close to our customer with great commitment so that projects can be carried out on time and with intended results. Feedback and close communication are important parts throughout the implementation. Of course, we also provide all the documentation needed.

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