Mechanical and mechatronic design

Designing your mechatronics product with us is easy. We possess the knowledge required to take your electrical signals into physical quantities. Or maybe you just need a shell for your circuit board?

A complete product

We want to make it easy for you as a customer to order design from us. When we take your idea into a finished product, we can offer you a complete solution. It goes fast and smoothly when we take responsibility for the whole of your idea to become a reality. We can integrate control technology, mechanics, pneumatics and electronics to make your product complete.

Lowers your production costs

Our long experience of installing mechatronics means that we know how to design to minimize production costs. We ensure that your product can be manufactured using efficient and available technology. Our designers work very close to production and purchasing and can directly verify the design so that production is effective, for smaller as well as larger series, while the components are the right ones.

The documentation is delivered in the form of CAD models, drawings, data for CNC work, part lists and assembly instructions to the extent that the customer wishes. When ordering design, we offer good prices for your prototype series.

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